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Command Line Options Optional parameters will be listed at the beginning of the output as comments. This is a convenient way of replacing copyright messages and other documentation. Example: jsmin fulljslint.js jslint.js "(c)2002 Douglas Crockford" Errors JSMin can produce three error messages to stderr: Unterminated comment. Unterminated string constant. Unterminated regular expression. It ignores all other errors that may be present in your source program. Get Minified JSMin is a filter that omits or modifies some characters. This does not change the behavior of the program that it is minifying. The result may be harder to debug. It will definitely be harder to read. JSMin first replaces carriage returns (' ') with linefeeds (' '). It replaces all other control characters (including tab) with spaces. It replaces comments in the // form with linefeeds. It replaces comments in the /* */ form with spaces. All runs of spaces are replaced with a single space. All runs of linefeeds are replaced with a single linefeed. It omits spaces except when a space is preceded and followed by a non-ASCII character or by an ASCII letter or digit, or by one of these characters: \ $ _ It is more conservative in omitting linefeeds, because linefeeds are sometimes treated as semicolons. A linefeed is not omitted if it precedes a non-ASCII character or an ASCII letter or digit or one of these characters: \ $ _ { [ ( + - and if it follows a non-ASCII character or an ASCII letter or digit or one of these characters: \ $ _ } ] ) + - " ' No other characters are omitted or modified. JSMin knows to not modify quoted strings and regular expression literals. JSMin does not obfuscate, but it does uglify. Side-by-side versioning. Multiple versions of a component or application can coexist, you can choose which versions to use, and the common language runtime enforces versioning policy. XCOPY deployment and replication. Self-described and self-contained components and applications can be deployed without registry entries or dependencies. On-the-fly updates. Administrators can use hosts, such as ASP.NET, to update program DLLs, even on remote computers. Integration with the Microsoft Win